October 9th, 2008
The Serama Forum has a new address - www.seramaforum.com

I have been rearing and studying poultry for over 10 years, and now specialise in the world's smallest breed of chicken, the Serama Bantam.

I purchased my first trio back in 2005 and since then, I have been dedicated in promoting this enchanting breed. In doing so I developed and launched the first UK Serama forum in order to bring together other Serama enthusiasts.

SeramaForum.com is open to all so whether you are a breeder or simply have an interest in the breed, come along and join the debate!

I am also a proud member and the treasurer to the Serama Club of Great Britain.

From one extreme to another, I also share an interest in the South American Rhea. The rhea grow to the height of approximately 5 foot and colour varieties include white and grey. I now keep a breeding flock of 7 birds; 4 grey and 3 white.
Young stock and eggs will be available this year.


Available to all those who are interested in or own the Serama bantam the chance to purchase, in full-colour and illustrated, the first book of its kind here in the UK -

"An Introduction to the Serama Bantam".

A 'must have' for all Serama fans - both new and old.

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