Here is a list of the current hatching eggs available:


White Serama Cock - 435 grams.

Jungle Serama Cock - 405 grams.

Silkied Serama Cock - 350 grams.
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Serama Bantams are the world's smallest and rarest chicken. I have been lucky enough to purchase a quartet of class B/C Seramas. Owning these fascinating birds has enabled me to produce the FIRST British Serama Bantam Community Forum  more..  This is packed full of advice, photos, discussions and info written by serama enthusiast throughout the country.

The Malaysian Serama bantam is considered a living work of art, due to their striking and unique appearance. They are elegant, regal and confident, and yet have tremendous characters and adore human interaction. Much of the development of the breed is due to the determination and belief of Wee Yean Een. His selective cross breeding over many years has achieved the bird we know today.

Seramas are classed by their weight. Class A are up to 350 grams, Class B 500 grams and Class C 600 grams with the A's preferred. They also do not breed true to size, colour or type so every hatch is a surprise! .   Click here to enquire about hatching egg availability.

Chinese geese are one of the most graceful and smallest of all domestic geese. They come in two colours; White and Brown. I keep Brown Chinese Geese.

The Chinese Goose was domesticated over 2000 years ago from the Swan Goose. Even to this day, many people refer to them by this name simply because of their beauty and elegance.

They are good grazers and will keep any grass well trimmed and at the same time, alert you to any unknown faces or predators. The females lay a good amount of eggs in a season and, if allowed, will incubate and care for their young with complete devotion.  Click here to enquire about hatching egg availability.